Passion Pit - To Kingdom Come


My fellow Mixtapers and I have always had a bit of an obsession with cults. Apart from being bat-shit crazy, these organizations provide some wildly amazing visual inspiration. Funny how the world keeps ‘not ending' though.



Director: Mixtape Club
Animators: Chris Carboni, Joon Suck Park, Arthur Hur
Keying: Jason Tsang, Joon Suck Park, Catherine Moy
Tracking: Zeth Willie, Arthur Hur
3D Animation: Zeth Willie, Erwin Riau
Editors: Joe Suslak, Anita Chao
DP: Zak Mulligan
1st AC: Michael Drucker
Line Producer: Wendy Gardner
AD: Juan Reinoso
VFX Supevisor: Arthur Hur
Gaffer: Maria Rodriguez
Electric: Christian Jara
Best Boy Electric: Nat Aguilar
Key Grip: Jessica Bennett
Grip: Jeremy Rodriguez
Best Boy Grip: Niki Penalba
Art Director: Joe Cooney
2nd Prop: Gary Gagliano
Wardrobe Stylist: Erika Munro
Wardrobe Asst: Elissa Santiago
Hair/Makeup: Jordan Bree Long
Still Photography: Ian Mcalpin
PA: Alan Bianchi, Omar Villegas

Production company: Hornet Inc
Producer: Hana Shimizu
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Label: Sony Music


Behind The Scenes