Primus "Lee Van Cleef"    face rig demo   

Primus "Lee Van Cleef"


So my career as a virtuoso bassist hasn't quite panned outOfficial Selection: LA Film Festival... but luckliy I can now make films for virtuoso bassists. This piece was a blast to put together. Animated zombie western, what's not to love? Big ups to Les and ATO for letting me run wild with this one. Check out the premiere on Conan O'Brien's Team Coco and check out the work in progress on Tumblr.

Grand Prize 'Best Commissioned Animation' 2012 Ottawa International Animation Festival
Official Selection: Annecy 2013
Official Selection: 2013 Los Angeles Film Festival
Official Selection: Animpact Max 2012
Official Selection: London International Film Festival
Official Selection: 2013 Chilemonos International Animation Festival
Official Selection: 2013 Animania Film Festival



Director: Chris Lenox Smith
Production Company: Mixtape Club
Executive Producer: Randi Wilens
Producer: Bruce Moreau
Writing/Concept Development: Andrew Curtis
Animators: Paul Imperio, Anne Calandre, Julien Koetsch, Mary Varn, Elaine Lee 
Character Design: George Harbeson
Design: Morgan Schweitzer, Eve Weinberg
Storyboard artist: Tavet Gillson
Set Design, Lighting: Jesse Casey
Animatic: Zoya Baker, Mary Varn, Julien Koetsch 
Character Coloring: Ed Chow, Mary Varn
Additional Design: Alex Mapar, Brad Walter

Behind The Scenes