Saint Louis Children's Hospital 'Pursue Knowing'


The classic Mixtape Club + Huma-Huma dream team was one-upped by the addition of my favorite Parisian director/collaborator/bff, Yves Geleyn. The fine gents of McKee Wallwork Cleveland encouraged us to push our own boundaries and develop a unique combination of styles and techniques for this spot.


Director: Mixtape Club and Yves Geleyn
Music: Huma-Huma
3D Artists: Ylli Orana, Erwin Riau, Gabriel Pulecio
Rotoscope Artist: Tiffany Chung
Character Dev: Ben Plouffe
Compositor: Julien Koetsch
Animators: Connie Li ChanAaron Stewart
Fabricators: Nathan Asquith, Erika BettencourtConnie Li Chan
Editor: Anita Chao
Production company: Hornet Inc
Producers: Zack Kortright, Jan Wohrle
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Agency: Mckee Wallwork Cleveland 

Behind The Scenes